•  When will i receive my order?

Estimated shipping time is listed in the description for every item. However the maximum time is 4 weeks.

  • Do i need much practice to ride a Hoverboard?

hoverboards are fairly easy to use with a little practice, balance and effort, just lean forward, go forward and you are on your way. You will also receive an instructions manual in your package.

  • What does a UL certification mean?
UL is an international company that produce the safety standards for consumer products. UL certified products go through extreme testing to insure they are safe for consumers to use.
  • Can I carry passengers on my scooter?
No, All of our scooters are just for the driver.
  • What’s the main technology of Ninebot?
Ninebot’s technologies are dynamic balance, natural attitude control technology and dual-redundancy with backup security technology.
  • Should I choose a large scooter or a small scooter for my child?
This decision is affected by the child's body size and physical ability.
  • Can my 4 years old kid ride a hoverboard?
No. We don't recommend buying hoverboards for children younger than 6 years old.
  • How can i avoid repeated visits to the mechanics' with my bicycle ? 
you can easily do this following these simple steps here.
  • I don't know which hoverboard is better, I feel confused !!

Check all hoverboards differences and similarities here.


>>> These FAQs are frequently updated. For any other questions please contact us.