How To Maintain A Bicycle?

If you had a bicycle as a child then you already know what i'm talking about in this article. and if you never had one and about to give it a shot for the first time you should know that a bicycle needs maintenance and daily check-outs if you want it to live longer. This will help you catch potential problems before developing into safety hazards.

With that said, these few steps will keep you out of the bike mechanic's. Unless you broke something of course ..


    Keep your bike inside. don't leave it outside. humidity, rain and dirt will combine to cause a harsh wear and you'll need to repair it more than often.

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      Always clean and lubricate your bike chains after every off-road, muddy ride. 
      Most dirty bike components can be cleaned by wiping them carefully with a damp/dry rag. Other components require occasional brushing, scrubbing and relubrication.
      Note: front chain-rings, rear cassette, rear derailleur and chain deserves the most frequent attention.


        Lubrication is necessary for good performance. As it protects moving parts from freezing while riding your bike. Helps Keeping excessive wear caused by friction, rust and corrosion away. Don't over-lubricate your bike. It can lead to poor performance and component damage as excess lubricant will attract dirt and other abrasive particles.


          Check your tires' air pressure. and get your pump ready. if you didn't lubricate your bikes for a long time don't do it and ride it as you're done. Wait till the chain lubrication soak in and clean the bicycle with a dry rag. And have fun!


            Check that the seat is adjusted at the right height. Having the saddle at the right height for pedaling is important for your knees. When your leg extended in the 6 o’clock position, your knee should be slightly bent.

             We know that not all bicycles come with an adjusted seat. If you want one you can get it here.

            As any device you have, Your bicycle needs a little care and love on a frequent basis. Whether it's an electric bike, sports bike, or a mountain bike. Keep it maintained and enjoy your ride.



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